Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage aids in the recovery and release from tightness, injury and stress.

Massage in Tulsa

Professional Athletes

Our clients include professional athletes  (NFL & NBA) who recognize the value in our techniques for muscle and injury recovery and improved range of motion.



Our staff is licensed, well-trained and professional. Techniques applied will be customized to your needs. Tell the therapist what you need.

Well-Trained Staff

Carla is an experienced therapist and has undergone specialized training in advanced techniques.

Cutting-Edge Treatment

 Techniques include release techniques, deep tissue, trigger-point therapy, active and passive joint movement within the normal range of motion. 


I have moved to 4717 S. Memorial Ave

Phone -918-949-9015​​

Advanced Treatments

Recovery from injuries and tightness, improve range of motion. 

Relax and Relieve Stress

Feel better. Sleep better. Hurt less.