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Massage in Tulsa

What We Do

We are a separate business located within SKY FITNESS & WELLNESS at  41st and Yale Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our well-trained and licensed  massage therapists specialize in neuro-muscular techniques,  myofascial release, sports massage. connective tissue massage, reflexology,  medical massages, and energy balancing.  If you don’t know which treatment you need, we’ll take the time to study your habits and determine the pressure, temperature, and motion best suited for your body’s condition.

Our therapists will use a combination of the following techniques as needed:

 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: releases tension in the fascia that surround the muscles, organs, and bones to restore balance to the entire body. The Practitioner uses  his/her fingers, palms, forearms, elbows in long slow gliding strokes to stretch and mobilize the fascia.

SPORTS MASSAGE: Aids the body to achieve maximum physical performance. Administered before physical activity, it can help protect against pain and injuries while boosting performance. Following physical exertion, it helps remove lactic acid and restore normal muscle tone and range of motion. Our therapists have used sports massage and associated therapies to treat NFL and other professional athletes, dancers and  performers as well as  weekend warriors. Please see our website for testimonials of professional athletes and others who have benefited from this therapeutic technique. Anyone who wishes to  enhance peak performance and peak efficiency can benefit from our combination of techniques.

REFLEXOLOGY: A technique of manipulating the feet and hands to improve circulation, ease pain, and increase circulation in the body. The hands and feet serve as a mini-map of the whole body.

APPLIED KINESIOLOGY: uses muscle testing (testing for strength & mobility of a given muscle) as well as analysis of posture, gait & lifestyle to evaluate the elements that may contribute to individual's dysfunction. It includes joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, stimulation of acu-pressure points, Craniosacral techniques and counseling in diet, vitamins, minerals to correct imbalances.

 CONNECTIVE TISSUE MASSAGE: This therapy recognizes the powerful association between particular areas of
connective tissue and specific paths of the nervous system and internal organs, so that massaging one area of the body can have potent effects upon other areas of the body.

 ENERGY BALANCING: The flow of energy in and around the body is known as the human energy field. Practitioners attempt to remove blockages, balance and amplify the flow of this energy  in the body.